About our hotel

A rich history combining heritage and elegance.

Built for Sir Joseph Whitworth, engineer and entrepreneur, around 1850 Chancellors Hotel went on to become the home to C P Scott former editor of the Guardian before eventually being bequeathed to the University of Manchester and becoming the hotel to the University's Chancellors. Chancellors Hotel is situated close to the University's student accommodation and convenient for anyone visiting the University or Manchester. Whilst the University uses the hotel for meetings and conferences a great many guests have no connection with the University and use it as a convenient and great value hotel for overnight stays, meetings and family events.

Also within the Chancellors umbrella is a group of cafés, bistros and venues. Each of our venues and cafes possess a distinctively different ambiance, but all stay true to the Chancellors ethos, of delicious locally sourced food served by friendly and attentive staff.